For over 50 years, Gerald F. Garforth and his son, Jerry T. Garforth, have been creating one of a kind furniture pieces for customers all across the United States. Based out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, the family business was founded in 1959. Gerald worked with private home owners to bring their vision to life.

      During the little downtime that Gerald had, he enjoyed playing golf with his wife, Phyllis, at Edgewood Country Club in Churchill, PA. Phyllis was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and courageously battled close to a 30-year fight.

     Even though Phyllis was battling with cancer, she didn't let it stop her. Finding the positive outlook in a negative situation, Phyllis would donate her time in many ways, including being an advocate for Susan G. Koman golf events. People would seek Phyllis for her words of wisdom and advice as she was known as the miracle woman for having such an incredible positive attitude while surviving five rounds of cancer.

     One of Phyllis’ hobbies was collecting hats. She would collect memorabilia from different golfing events in hopes of getting a hat signed by a PGA player. Another of Phyllis' favorite past times at the country club was playing bridge.

      Gerald designed a golf club table as a gift to his wife, but sadly she passed away before it was completed and he put the project aside. Years later, Jerry found the drawing and encouraged his father to build the golf club table in memory of their beloved wife, mother, and grandmother who turned 100 years old in 2013. Today, Gerald is facing a blood disorder and as part of his legacy, Jerry is determined to show the world the brilliance of his father's work by completing the golf club table.